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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Statement


Spiritual Development – Through the school’s collective worship assemblies and PSHCE lessons the pupils have gained a deeper insight into their own and other peoples feelings and values. Our topic based and hands on curriculum encourages a sense of wonder about themselves, others and the world around them. In RE lessons the children learn about their own beliefs and those of other religions. The children learn how to respect and tolerate other peoples beliefs and feelings, promoting British values.  There is a central, reflective space are for the children to reflect on issues affecting themselves and others.

Moral Development – Through various Class Council sessions the children have opportunities to recognise the difference between right and wrong and apply this to their own lives and the lives of others. In their Class Council discussions and debates everybody has an opportunity to express their views and feelings, as well as listening to and responding to others.  The School Council, who are elected by the pupils, helps to voice the children’s opinions and discuss issues raised about school life. The School Council play a major role in enabling children to have a collective pupil voice in making positive changes to the school. In this way the children learn about democracy. The children also support charities and causes both close to home and further afield, developing their global citizenship understanding. All children participate in the National Anti-bullying Week activities. As an Eco school the well established Eco committee of elected children, parents and staff work hard to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. They promote the values of reduce, reuse and recycle through various Eco initiatives. Conservation includes car sharing and Walking to School initiatives.

Cultural Development – Children have a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds through curriculum work based on different environments around the world. The school is committed to fundraising for worthy charity causes locally, nationally and world wide such as Red Wellies (local Brain Tumour association), Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sports Relief and Macmillan Cancer Research. Staff have also fund-raised in their spare time by undertaking sponsored walks, mountain treks and slimming challenges. Multicultural festivals are celebrated and the school held a’ Food Tasting Around the World’ themed week, which proved very popular with our ethnic families in particular, who brought in delicious dishes to sample. We have had Chinese dancing and food tasting and a talk on Hindi Weddings by parents and the local community. Children are provided with many opportunities to actively participate in a wide range of stimulating artistic, cultural and sporting experiences. We have a variety of dance, PE, music, art and drama specialists who come in and share their enthusiasm and expertise with the children. In this way the children learn about tolerance of other faiths and cultures, supporting their understanding of British values.  Opportunities for learning about British values is planned for and additional learning opportunities arising from current affairs are taken advantage of, for example celebrating the Queen’s birthday and debating about the EU referendum.

Social Development – The school invites visitors from the wider community such as fire service, community police, road safety, health service, church organisations (GenR8 and Brian’s Puppet Shows). The children have been involved in various community projects such as traffic speed reduction, litter picking through the local woods and singing at a local residential home. Through PSHCE and School and Class Council meetings, children are encouraged to develop strategies to promote healthy social relationships.  The school also provides a variety of opportunities for parents to take part in activities with their children, for example reading and maths cafes.

The school has recently purchased a new and exciting scheme of work in our continued commitment to enhance and further develop SMSC throughout the school.

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