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Ashwicken World Book Day 2024

This year, our students really embraced the spirit of World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters. The school was a riot of color and creativity as we saw everything from Harry Potter and Horrid Henry to Matilda and the Cat in the Hat throughout the school.

Throughout the day, our children had the chance to participate in a range of book-led activities, from storytelling sessions and book swaps to literary quizzes and creative writing challenges. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and excitement with which our children approached each activity, demonstrating a genuine love for reading and storytelling.

At Ashwicken School, we understand the importance of fostering a love of reading from a young age. That's why events like World Book Day are so crucial in encouraging our students to explore new worlds, empathize with different characters, and expand their imaginations.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate the joy of reading with our students and inspiring them to become lifelong readers.


    Winners of the 'Design a Paper Plate' competition