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Return to school and Family testing kits

Dear Parents and Carers,
Please find attached information (click here) that the school has received regarding lateral flow tests that have been made available for families with children returning to school. 
In addition to this letter, Norfolk County Council have produced a video to share all of the good practice that has gone in to supporting the schools in making them as Covid-secure as possible. 
Out of school activities

We’ll continue to do everything we can in school to keep our children safe and stop the spread of Coronavirus. Class bubbles will be in place, regular hand-washing will be encouraged, rooms will be well ventilated and teachers will wear masks outside of the classrooms.

Our children will not be expected to wear masks all day or take part in regular testing- this will apply for secondary school students only. Staff will continue to be offered a test twice a week.

There are also things you can do to help us make sure schools are a safe place for everyone:

  • Wear a face covering and keep your distance when dropping your child at the school gates. Try to limit your interaction with other parents, even if you see friends that you miss!
  • Try not to share lifts with children from other families, as cars are small spaces where the virus can spread easily.
  • Until restrictions ease further, don’t mix with other families for parties, meals or sleepovers. Limit your social interactions in line with government regulations
Wellbeing and worry

We recognise that for both you and your children, the return to school after the latest lockdown restrictions might be a time full of worry and uncertainty. We want to assure you that we understand these feelings, and will be working closely with our children to listen to their worries and help them articulate and understand them.

We will be ensuring that the focus for the coming weeks will be around supporting children in returning to school, trying to give them the time to adjust back to school life and work gently! We will be focusing on trying to be practical, ensuring that there is enjoyment in the lessons and that they will have time to talk and socialise with each other. Above all we want them to have a little fun! 

School attendance from Monday 8th March will be compulsory, however if your child has been confirmed as CEV the advice is to shield and stay at home as much as possible until further notice. We will request a copy of the shielding letter to confirm this. If a child lives with someone who is extremely vulnerable they should still attend school. Please let us know if you have any concerns around this as we will try to support you as much as possible. 

We’re doing everything we can to make school as safe as possible, and to make the transition to being back in the classroom as easy as possible. There are also lots of great resources out there for you and your child, including this video from Just One Norfolk.

Class-based learning 

With three weeks to go before Easter, we’re looking forward to welcoming back all our children from Monday. Being back in the classroom will be a great experience for all our children, as they get to spend time with their friends and take all the opportunities that come with being at school

The three weeks before the Easter holidays are a key time to help your child settle back into the rhythms and routines of the school day, so its really important attendance is high over the coming weeks. This period will really help all our children get a flying start heading into the summer term. If you have concerns about your child attending school then please contact the school office.

Additional resources

Norfolk Family Learning has teamed up with Norwich City Community Sports Foundation to develop a new free education programme called Tackle Learning. The free online programme offers guidance and advice to parents of primary school children, with an emphasis on how they can support their child(ren)’s learning. 

The first unit on Returning to School can be completed here. It takes around 25 minutes to complete. It contains tips and activities to help support your child(ren) with their return to primary school. page on the Norfolk County Council website gives more detailed information and guidance.

 I hope that you find this information useful. Our whole community can work together to help stop the spread of coronavirus. If you’ve got any questions about the actions we’re taking in school to keep everyone safe, then please get in touch with the school office at 

Kindest regards,


Ashwicken Primary School