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How does Ashwicken Church of England Primary School develop healthy children?

Through its PSCHE teaching using a scheme called Jigsaw.

Using Jigsaw enables our school to cover topics that help to promote healthy living by delivering high quality learning in areas such as:

  • Relationships and sex education
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • The development of healthy lifestyles including information about keeping physically active and eating healthily
  • Safeguarding issues such as anti-bullying and e-safety
  • Well being

Physical activity sessions.

These include:

  • Swimming in some year groups
  • Weekly sessions run by professionals
  • Support from Norwich City Community Football – running healthy living sessions
  • After school clubs – promoting both physical activity and healthy eating.

Promoting healthy eating.

  • Food group – elected children for each class take part in sessions to learn about healthy eating and pass this information back to their own classes
  • School dinners of a high standard from Norse

Regular police visits and outside agencies.

  • Giving anti-bullying talks
  • Road safety information
  • Bike helmet talks
  • NSPCC and child-line information
  • Crucial Crew – run by the fire service promoting aspects of safety encountered through life e.g. dealing with problems associated with drugs and alcohol
  • Internet safety information provided
  • Olly Day road safety show

Science Curriculum

  • Learning how to take care of our teeth
  • The effects of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Learning about food groups
  • Electrical safety
  • Sexual reproduction

Promoting healthy snacks

Children are encouraged to bring fruit and vegetables for their playtime snack in KS2 where we also provide a healthy snack trolley for children to purchase items. KS1 have free fruit and vegetables.

Encouraging regular hydration 

Children bring water bottles and are provided with a water cooler where they can fill these bottles.

Sex and relationship education

Developed through the PSHCE programme but also during years 5 and 6 through specifically developed lessons.